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Tyler The Creator - Nightmare
May 09, 2011
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"Bedrock, harder than a mothafucking flintstone." Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Lloyd. That is just one of the many superb lines from "Yonkers," a hit single housed on Tyler, The Creator's Goblin, out this week.

The hustling rapper doesn't get seven million plus views in a few months time for projecting a gimmick, he gets it for having balls and word. Tyler, and the rest of OFWGKTA, are four dimensional artists. This is proof that age has no bearing on being an interesting and honest human being on the microphone dropping beats (all produced by Tyler, with one exception).

Tyler is the same age as the Odd Future kids were when N*E*R*D was considered underground. It's something to note, when music from 2002 inspires Tyler, who confirmed that meeting Pharrell was "like meeting God." Shame on those of you who believe he worships the devil. It gets juicier -- he's an atheist. This much we know: OFWGKTA's Tumblr has existed for over a year, with 12 free downloads. Goblin , therefore, marks the first time that the music will cost its listener money.

"Random disclaimer, hey don't do anything that I say in this song, ok? It's fucking fiction. If anything happens, don't fucking blame me, white America. Fuck Bill O'Reilly," is the opening line on "Radicals." It's hard to argue the opening line is merely "fiction," after listening to more than seven minutes of bold truth. Even funnier is that Tyler is also having a good laugh on the post-neoconservative O'Reilly and his notorious verbal wars with black rappers, though some of the rappers O'Reilly publicly chastised are more of a fiction than what exists in Tyler's head.

There are so many highlights on Goblin, from "She" (which features Frank Ocean of Nostalgia, Ultra fame on the hook) to "Sandwitches" (which was performed on Jimmy Fallon Live back in February to wide-eyed and high-brow viewers at home). Even more hook, line, and sinker was Tyler giving Fallon an inviting arm and leg lock jump after the performance was complete.

What's a whole album about Tyler's gut wrenching and painstakingly honest lyrics without a near end instrumental break on "AU79"? Listen, many rappers think they're Kurt Cobain, but Cobain was the voice for grunge, and Tyler is poised to do the same for the new generation of hip-hop artists.

"People want to put us in a box, but every horror-core rap group I've looked up sucks," he said in an interview with Thrasher Magazine. Even though I was a fan of several horror-core outfits from Detroit, I empathize with what Tyler said. Give Goblin a listen, then go back and listen to Bastard, and pretty soon you'll be hooked on the rest of OFWGKTA. A bold movement, indeed.
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