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Valley Queen - Gems and Rubies
Jul 31, 2018
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From their new album Supergiant, bravely released this past Friday the 13th, Valley Queen hits us with a new end of Summer porch swing sunset song. Glass of iced tea optional.

Both relaxing and foreboding, this hidden gem (bah-dum-tss) slowly rings with the hum of a soft electric guitar backing the stirring and spectacular vocals of Natalie Carol. The feeling of slowly reaching the end of a warm season, with the mystery and anticipation of the next one gradually approaching the horizon, uses the Valley Queen tune "Gems and Rubies" as its sonic vessel.

According to the band's site Valley Queen are named after the ancient Egyptian land where deceased matriarchs found their final resting place. Also from the site, their newly released album, titled Supergiant, nods to the scientific belief that we are all made of stardust. With the Supergiant being the largest star in the universe, reaching thousands of times greater than our Sun, the album metaphorically asserts that we are all connected together.


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