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Á Vamos! - Stones

Á Vamos! - Stones

Mar 01, 2013

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Why do we like this?
¡Vamos! sound is a bold and brazen rehash of psychedelic rock mixed with a punk ethos, a fervor beholden to the blues, and topped off with a brash lyrical sensibility that leaves you stumblebum, with hooks to toss with friends.

¡Vamos¡ is a party in motion, imploring that we recall and immerse ourselves in a time when music weighed more than gadgets and the gregarious expectations they tow. A time when sharing and liking was about listening to music with friends, not about accompanying acquaintances on digital walkabouts.

¡Vamos! has quickly established themselves in Chicago and soon will pluck the heartstrings of the rest of America, starting with SXSW. Earlier this winter, the group hit the studio to record and mix two new songs, "Stones" and "Chemicals." Both of which are incredible, however we found that "Stones" sums up ¡Vamos! at this moment in time; it exhibits the provocative and evocative nature of the band. If and when you get a chance to see these guys, jump on it. They'll leave you before you leave them, and you'll be stuck waiting for more.
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