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Vitalic - Bluesy Tuesday
May 18, 2011
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Recently, Vitalic came up in a convo with a friend, and I thought how absolutely tragic it would be if there was an electro fan out there who wasn't aware of this bald, European music craft-master. So, today please bring your attention to Vitalic's cut "Bluesy Tuesday," a B-side on the Poison Lips single from 2009.

Born Pascal Arbez, Vitalic infamously asserts "the only thing he can't fake is the emotion that galvanizes his music." This pompously accurate tagline Vitalic coined for himself aligns with the fact that everything he creates is synthesized (except emotion, as aforementioned).

Listening to the B-side song, I have to agree. The track is a solid production -- slow-rolling bass lines with alto melodies sandwiched together under Vitalic's masterful touch. Apparent yet craftily subtle peaks and valleys tumultuously cascade, building one progressive level at a time. From the first apocalyptic note, Vitalic captivates and paints a picture of chaotic bliss with each resounding beat.

Electronic music holds special qualities for me because its meaning is fluid and customizable. Frequently, lyrics are minimal, sampled, manipulated, or -- in this case -- nonexistent; interpretation is very much up to the individual. Listening to traditionally written music, meaning is somewhat confined by the words of the composer. Manipulation of sound, verse, and word can be a powerfully emotive and expressive tool, something which Vitalic seemingly effortlessly masters.
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