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Vukazithathe - Iyakhalalendoda

Vukazithathe - Iyakhalalendoda

Jun 16, 2017

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Why do we like this?

Tracks with African roots have received extra attention from me recently. During a recent trip to Spain there was an instrumentalist from Morocco who genuinely snake charmed me, and now I want to impress you all in the same way.

No jokes though about that snake thing. I watched my legs turn into a tail and my skin turn to scales. Life is pretty chill as a snake though. My friends, who were equally perturbed as I was at what they had just seen, brought me to the local pet shop.

Since then I've found a nice home and am living on a staple diet of mice. Except I don't want mice, I want McDonalds but have no way of communicating this. Since I don't eat the mice I now share my home with all of them.

The dynamic is strange. However, it's improved since Stacy broke up with Greg, and Tiffany went off to college.


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