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Werkha - Silk
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Jan 02, 2013
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Why do we like this?
Werkha revives the minimal genius of "Silk" and entrusts Indie Shuffle with the tender package! And so begins this epic anecdote...

As listeners, we never have to think about how music gets on the web. We simply press play and listen. If it's available for download or purchase, great. If not, most of us never take the time to worry about it, we just move on.

Most times it's better that we don't know. Somewhere in our subconscious we like to think our treasured artists keep their tracks locked in the safe of eternal somewhere like otherworldly gems that cannot be destroyed via digitally or otherwise. The reality of the situation is not so, and many great tracks fall victim to hard drive casualty or dated PC debauchery.

But here at the Shuffle, we make it our business to know what's happening with those tracks. We're like the little elves that make your listening experience possible and we genuinely care about the dynamics between accessibility and great material.

You may already be familiar with the Manchester based producer Werkha, but if not, now is as good a time as any to get acquainted. He recently released his debut Cube & Puzzle EP via Cool Kids Music, and is currently working toward the next EP. With BBC radio 6 host Gilles Peterson now supporting Werkha tracks, Annie Mac showcases and Radio 1 essential mixes may be just around the corner. But before I get ahead of myself, Werkha has some killer remixes slated for 2013 that you won't want to miss.

The other day while on a Werkha binge, I had another "whoa" moment listening to a track called "Silk." Staring at the ghostly arrow of its former downloadable self, a particular sort of panic bubbled in me knowing that the fate of an amazing track might be nearing extinction due to time, human error or technological hiccups.

Thus, I contacted Werkha over the issue. He confirmed my fears -- the track had almost lost its way into the void of all voids. But Werkha, performing no minor feat, ventured into the depths of fickle floppies and disorderly files, battled a dead PC zombie and rescued the track from destruction. Presenting to Indie Shuffle the exclusive re-download of "Silk," with a noble bow of the head Werkha added these words,

"This is the only copy I have as I did it on an old PC which is now dead and all. This is all that remains."

...... *gasp. Can you hear my sigh of relief through your computer screen? It's tangible. Anyway, we're proud to offer you "Silk" exclusively at Indie Shuffle. Download with passion and thank Werkha for being rad. Good luck with those California dreams young sir.
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