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Wolf Alice - Delicious Things
Jun 18, 2021
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Blinded by the flashing lights of the big city; the glitz and glamour gaudy and insincere; the extravagance and indulgence nauseating and sticky sweet...Welcome to Hollywood. At least, that’s the impression we get from “Delicious Things”, Wolf Alice’s latest addition to their Blue Weekend cinematic Universe and third studio album of the same name. Since last year, the band has been working on a short film made up of music videos of songs from the album. Lead vocalist Ellie Rowsell said in a statement:

“Last winter we began making a visual feast for your eyes. Set on a night out we wanted to bring the music of ‘Blue Weekend’ to life with this beautiful film directed by Jordan Hemingway.”

Lyrically, “Delicious Things” sees Rowsell musing on the seductive promise of fame and accompanying bad choices in men and recreational activities. Disillusioned and bored with the flimsy veneer of LA stardom, she ends the track by phoning her mum. The video portrays her in the back of an increasingly hazy ride-share, as a cast of colourful characters come and go, interacting and engaging in various ways. Some fight, some kiss, some drink...all the while, she sits and allows her voice to shine a light on the unquestionable reality that she doesn’t quite fit.

The track itself is dusky and woozy, with Rowsell’s vocals moving flawlessly from dreamy, half-whispered tones to towering angelic belting in a matter of seconds.

Lyrics that stick:

“This guy asks mе where my home is, I say I don't know it's

Probably where the boy I love and left all on his own is

He rolls his eyes and cuts a selfish line of blow

He was here for one thing

If he can't get it then he'll go, but

I don't care, I'm in the Hollywood Hills

I'm no longer pulling pints, I'm no longer cashing tills

And I'm alive, I feel like Marilyn Monroe

If you're all poppin' pills, you know I won't say no”

“Delicious Things” is yet another indication (as if we needed one) that Wolf Alice are masters of their craft, and fully deserve to be cemented as one of the biggest names in British indie-rock.

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