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Woods - Cali In A Cup

Woods - Cali In A Cup

Jul 29, 2012

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Woods is coming out with their seventh album soon, but this their debut on Indie Shuffle. Looks like we've got a lot of catching up to do!

Technically, Brooklyn's Woods have been at it since 2005, but it wasn't until 2009 that Woods received critical acclaim for their album, Songs Of Shame. Now, Woods is still on a roll and ready to release their next album, Bend Beyond, on September 18.

Their debut single, "Cali In A Cup," is a light-hearted all-American folk pop jam that paints a picture of life and its many seasons. The song may be left to your own interpretation, but one thing I know for sure is the fact that this well-versed song may very well appeal to the majority of folk lovers. Sure, the instrumentals are catchy and upbeat, but the lyrics and message portray a darker, possibly existential message. It is that contrast that makes this song so attractive -- not all stories or messages with a heavy undertone need to be translated as such with the music. Woods proves this to be true.

We have only scratched the surface with Woods. If you liked this track then I'd suggest delving into their previous albums and let yourself get lost for awhile. Stay tuned for this wildly talented band's new album, Bend Beyond, to drop on September 18!
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