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Wretch 32 - Doing OK Ft. Jacob Banks (DEVolution Dub)
Aug 09, 2013
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Why do we like this?

I've been super unenthused with the music I've been coming across this month. I'm not sure what I want to hear, but I'm not finding it... well, up until this dub by DEVolution. Oh I know what you're thinking, big surprise, right? I'm posting another DEVolution track, like, way to branch out, right? But branching out is just what's happening here.

Totally throwing me for a loop, had you told me this was DEVolution I would have shot you my snotty skeptic face. I mean, it's not DEVolution really. The original "Doing OK" by Wretch 32 is the framework of course, but this dub is a beautiful, sonically scenic detour for DEVolution.

Musical boredom be gone, "Doing OK" has got me feeling hopeful all over again. Plus, it's appeasing my exotic dreamland fantasies, which involve talking to animals, living off the fruit of the land, and becoming an inhabitant of the Africa I've only learned about in storybooks. This due in part to my soul being starved of culture, stories, and traditions (oh, the perks of being an American mutt). But more than that, the vibe of this track is just so damned warm and friendly, I want to hug it and make it my best friend. 

So, thanks Wretch 32 and DEVolution for injecting some happiness by way of cultural diversity into my ears. You've saved me from posting "Hard Candy Christmas" out of angsty desperation. Random, I know.

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