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WU LYF - Dirt
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Jun 28, 2011
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Why do we like this?

Unique. Eccentric. Awesome. Revolutionary. I'm at a lack of descriptive words for how World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation (WU LYF) is winning at life. But who the fuck are these guys? The finally confirmed group of Manchester "bros" has continually attempted to shroud themselves in mystery from day one -- even periodically deleting their Wikipedia page in order to maintain a respectably intriguing level of anonymity.

The kids clearly know what it means to have a bold dedication to being "cool" and their hard work is starting to pay off; The Guardian recently hailed the act as "the most talked-about new British band" and even Jay-Z tweeted about their hype. But first, I need to say it: I'm appalled. WU LYF's Go Tell The Mountain dropped June 13 and no one here at Indie Shuffle has covered it yet. And here I thought we were the champions of good, new music! Well, this post was a long time coming... we'll just leave it at that.

Back in 2010, I quite enjoyed the muted release of WU LYF's two-song EP, and this full-length follow-up one year later has definitely delivered. I truly believe that this album is one of the most original to drop all year. Seriously... stop reading my review and just go listen to it for yourself. Songs like "DIRT" (featured) and "HEAVY POP" are a good place to start.

For those of you still reading, let me tell you about how WU LYF has crafted together what is perhaps the best recipe for a successful, indie band today: extremely powerful tunes combined with a deliciously confusing backstory and a well-managed badass image. The band's music is youthful chaos brought to life, a one-of-a-kind musical experience where vocals literally sound like they're bleeding out of the singer and instruments emphatically rage together. This is the music you'll want to protest to. This is the music you'll want to get fucked up to. This is the music you'll want just throw up your hands and say damn it all to hell to.

And I'll tell you from personal experience, listening to these 10 songs in a row will be the first time in ages that you'll actually get the jitters from how down right radical a good drummer can sound. As the band continues to blow up, one shouldn't be surprised to see them rise to epic status within the next year. Think The Weeknd, but an avant-garde pop version. You'll want to play this album for as long as you can before Newsweek starts claiming it as "fresh new music" and insulting it as "equivalent to Kings of Leon."

And as someone recently quipped on their music video, "the [lead singer] is going to be drowning in pussy in a year." Guess it doesn't hurt to be young and talented these days. Prepare yourself for the heavy pop revolution by heading over to their website and listening to four freebies on their MySpace.

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