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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps (Brave Bird Cover)
Jun 09, 2013
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We are all familiar with the huge Yeah Yeah Yeahs hit "Maps" off the bands first album,Fever To Tell. It's one of those songs that take me to a very specific part of my life every single time I hear it. So much so that I can barely distinguish the emotions that I felt when "Maps" came into my life and the song itself. There is just something incredibly haunting about it.

Enter Brave Bird (wait, isn't that an attack from Pokemon?), a three-piece emo outfit from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I know what you're thinking: wasn't emo killed by pop-punk and is totally irrelevant these days? In fact, emo is alive and well, and seems to be holing up in the Midwestern United States via Count Your Lucky Stars Records and their collection of emo purists -- bands like Brave Bird who are rehashing the good ol' days of their emo forefathers, like The Promise Ring, Mineral, and Texas is the Reason.

Now, what business does an emo band have covering Yeah Yeah Yeahs, you ask? With one listen you will see that it is absolutely their business. Brave Bird takes a toned-down approach as they completely rework all but the lyrics and melody of the song. Focusing on some tenderly picked electric guitar, and leaving the drums to a minimum as they show that "Maps" really does have some emo sounding lyrics while completely making the song their own. I'm pretty sure this would have fit right in on Taking Back Sunday's classic debut Tell All Your Friends.

If you dig this, you can check out Brave Bird's debut LP,Maybe You, No One Else Worth It or their collection of demos, covers, etc. You're Not Quite Ready on their Bandcamp page.

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