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Yellow Days - The Curse (Ft. Mac DeMarco)
Sep 07, 2020
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"Tell me about resistance," she said after a moment's silence. She had been reading passages from Henry and June aloud to pass the time. There was nothing awkward about the exchange, things flowed just as the wine did -- perfect, with ice, on a warm day.

"There's a story around the death of a great meditator," he replied, a little unsure of himself but hopeful he was sharing something of use, "who, with his last few breaths said, 'everything is impermanent. It is important to contemplate this, and at the time of death do not resist.'"

Humans pass on stories that have the potential to shape thoughts and, in turn, the way we relate to reality.

Resistance -- a strange concept when dissected yet something we all can recall with vivid examples. Does it spring from fear? From habit? Or from the very nature of reality -- a lucid emptiness that is filled with qualities and yet goes by, for the most part, unnoticed?

Whatever the answer, it appears as either aversion, denial, running away, or as any other of the myriad forms it could take. But what happens if we stop resisting and just let go? What happens if we simply trust?

A wise man recently said that if we are out of harmony with the way things are, we experience a kick-back from the external phenomenal world. True? Isn't it relative? Well, relatively, I'd like to imagine that if we release all fear and stop resisting, we'd find a little harmony, and both the inner and external environments that appear would function and move with ease. Sounds ideal, no? Well, maybe it's time to, in the wise words of Yellow Days and Mac DeMarco, 'lift the curse' and let the ideal become reality -- whatever that may truly mean.

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