What's so good?
By Rachel Skotarczyk | Oct 17, 2012

MadTech records must have a line linked directly to my brain, because I was just thinking this morning how I haven't posted a great future garage track in a while. As a call to my every desire, they've deliverd with Aaron Lipsett's "Know This" -- and what's more, it's free for download.

There's something about those pitched down R&B vocals that just calm my soul and redirect my blood to pump in the opposite direction, resetting the day from good to great. I really love the dynamics of this track, particularly the break, not to mention his excellent samples.

Lipsett gets down and dirty, swinging a bass beat reminiscent of Justin Martin's "Lezgo", then comes slamming in with a killer-bee-stung melody. I'm already singing it, phonetically of course.

Aaron Lipsett is a 22-year-old producer from Sligo, West Ireland and another excellent addition to the MadTech crew. Keep on the tip at MadTech.

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