What's so good?
By tobiashandke | Jun 10, 2013

Action Bronson is back with another track, "The Rockers," from his forthcoming album Saab Stories, featuring Wiz Khalifa. For anyone not familiar with Bronson's mixtapes, the New York rapper is fond of rhyming about wrestling, so much so that he has a song based around the catchphrase of former champion Ron Simmons. Yeah, I'm a wrestling fan, so shoot me.

As well as being the name of the track, "The Rockers" is a famous tag team made up of Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels, the former getting a mention on the catchy chorus: "No I hit you with the dropkick Marty Jannetty." Wrestling associations aside, "The Rockers" is another winner from Bronson, with a subtle piano loop blending effortlessly with Bronson's flow, while Wiz Khalifa is on point (for a change!).

While Saab Stories is only seven tracks long, the two that have been released so far are simply brilliant, so here's hoping the album delivers.
Tobias Handke
Author: Tobias Handke
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