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Adrian Lau - Blue Dreams

Feb 11, 2013

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Sounds like: Mac Miller, Asher Roth
Why do we like this?
You know the common phrase, "what are friends for?" My friends are for making sure that I have the most refreshing music to come out of Brooklyn, New York at all times, so I have to give Adrian Lau's manager and acquaintance, Asher Conniff, 1000 praises for delivering Lau's music. Seriously, Adrian Lau's lyrical delivery is commensurable to breathing. It's a natural approach that's expressed effortlessly.

Lau's "Blue Dreams" (produced by Harry Fraud) is one of four songs in Lau's body of work that dispatch mind-boggling lyrics, ambient vibes, and chill-hop beats. Lau is slated to appear on Riff Raff's upcoming video and mixtape, Neon Vibes.

One of my favorite and integral components of curating music is the artist's ability to fashion a connection between their lyrics and imagery. Adrian Lau is definitely not a slouch in respect to collective creativity and visuals. Just check out the visual art for "Blue Dreams."
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