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Afrobeta - Do What I Do

Apr 04, 2014

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Why do we like this?

Afrobeta are a duo composed of Tony "Smurphio" Laurencio (keyboard/synths/production) and Cuci Amador (vocals). They are from Miami, FL, and since forming in 2006 have released a few EPs and two albums, Under The Streets and Wig Party

Afrobeta are known for their electro-swing / synth-pop style, and this latest single doesn't stray far from that.

"Do What I Do" hinges on an amazing vocal harmony between Smurphio and Cuci, coupled perfectly with funky electronic beats. Overall, I'm finding myself unexpectedly impressed.

Afrobeta is playing at The Stage's The Festival Of Excess tonight in Miami. Check out event details here.

For more sounds by Afrobeta, check them out on SoundCloud. 

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