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Air Review - Young

Mar 26, 2013

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Why do we like this?
I can't say that this was the most difficult band name to research, but Air Review certainly had me scouring through a plethora of airline reviews. But no matter how hard it is to search for a band, the music will always conquer all -- that is what I have always believed.

"Young" is taken from the Dallas quintet's second album Low Wishes, which followed up their debut self-titled record from 2009. I'll be honest and say that many of the songs on the album take on a very similar style, but the adventure within each song is very unique. "Young" has you immediately hooked on the whistling melody, transporting you to a place of tranquility -- a place I like to think is very much like the cover art for the album.

Here's hoping 2013 is a breakthrough year for these guys.
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