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Air - Universal Traveler

Dec 14, 2012

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Sounds like: Royksopp, Of Oceans, Zero 7
Why do we like this?

Flashback Friday! This seems like it's starting to become "a thing." Trust me, it's not intentional. It's just that bands aren't really eager to release new music on Fridays.

This time I thought I'd feature a song off one of my favorite albums ever, Talkie Walkie (2004). It was a tossup between "Run" and "Universal Traveler," but I settled on the latter for an interesting reason: the fact that I only just realized what the lyrics are.

You see, the most repeated phrase in the song is "Universal Traveler." But, to the untrained ear, it sounds like "You need a soul traveler." It's possible that I'm the only one this happened to...but I doubt it.

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