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Akua - Told You So

Jun 05, 2013

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Why do we like this?

I was about to call it a bad music day when "Told You So" by Akua (ah-koo-ah) fortunately crossed my path and reminded me that it can never be a bad day for music.

Off-kilter bells intro on this track, like a mad woman seductively sounding an alarm. The song challenges the senses as it stirs up a cauldron of desire and trouble -- both intrinsic and magical in nature -- layered with bubbling bass and chiming synths. Akua's voice commands surprising musical moments and pauses equally. She sings, "City lights are bright, I thought I warned you."

Akua's debut EP, One's Company, dropped June 4. You can check it out here and follow her on Facebook to hear what's next.

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