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Alter - They Talk To Aliens

Aug 30, 2013

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Alter is an L.A. native through and through. Having lived in various eras of L.A. music and having been an active participant of the scene for years, he's gained some perspective. A band member in the genre-melding collective known as Burning Star, Alter spent time merging and combining music to create something new. He's since moved to more solo experimentation, fusing his love of classic hip-hop with the future-oriented sound of L.A. today.

Alter recently released the free EP The Big Picture as a platform to showcase some of his most recent production. The all-instrumental affair is heavy on the drum breaks and will make sub-par sound systems sound puny. My favorite track is "They Talk To Aliens." Starting with an organ that could have came from the Phantom if his Opera was somewhere in DTLA, Alter splices the moody sounds into an audio assault.

Created by someone who understands sonics as well as music history, The Big Picture is intentional. If you've been looking for something to put that knock back in your subwoofers, look no further.
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