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What's so good?
By Anu Rana | Jun 06, 2013 | Total plays: 77,357

Although I've curated a few future bass playlists for Indie Shuffle, I've been feeling underwhelmed recently by the same genre. I know it's a broad spectrum, but I've been hit with the same color of the rainbow for the last few weeks.

But then there's AlunaGeorge. In anticipation of their album Body Music, they've posted "You Know You Like It." There are textures and moments which comfort like 90s R&B, but the duo differentiate their collective sound enough to multiply their momentum. It could be Aluna Francis' simultaneously squeaky clean and begrimed voice dotting George Reid's productions chops, but I'd like to draw attention to their conceptual abilities.

From "Attracting Flies" to this track, it's not only what they say, but the way the say it, twisting lyrics and emotions past the average shades of their genre. Aluna sings, "If you wanna train me like an animal/Better keep your eye on my every move/There's no need to be, so damn cruel/Baby you got nothing to prove/I'm no fool, no, I'm not a follower."

To check out the entire track list, follow the duo on SoundCloud and look forward to their debute release on July 29!
Anu Rana
Author: Anu Rana
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