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Alvin Lee Ryan - Yes is the Word Ft. Genevieve Artadi

Jun 25, 2013

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Sounds like: Debian Blak, Kate Sproule
Why do we like this?
Back in May, we premiered a glitchy dance track titled "Push It" by Leeds-based producer Debian Blak. Debian reached out to me a few days after the premiere, asking if I was interested in working with his friend, producer/drummer Alvin Lee Ryan.

Hailing from Wakefield and currently making music out of London, Alvin Lee Ryan is a name worth remembering if you enjoy eclectic dance music. On his forthcoming Yes Is The Word EP, Alvin gets all sorts of funky. He's got a deep respect for daring acts like Flying Lotus, and it shows throughout the EP's five tracks.

Title track "Yes Is The Word" features LA-based vocalist Genevieve Artadi. She brings an appreciated warmth and center of gravity to one of Alvin's colder, more spaced out productions. The result of their collaboration is mesmerizing, and well worth a listen if you're bored with your current playlists.

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