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Amtrac - How Can She

Jan 06, 2013

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Why do we like this?
We've all been in those one-sided relationships, where we're willing to forgive all of our significant other's misgivings, take them back repeatedly, or beg for them to stay.  This latest track by Amtrac speaks of love and heartbreak, but does so in a way that makes you forget about that [insert gender-specific expletive here].  The smooth progressions and catchy hooks are bursting at the seams with energy -- enough to stop pulling your hair out and start tearing up the dancefloor in search of another love.

With this latest track, Kentucky native Caleb Cornett has proven that he's on a steady path to success fueled by good sounds and even greater vibes. Check him out for yourself and you'll see that it's no wonder he's been getting support from fellow nu-disco trailblazers Treasure Fingers and Viceroy.

This track is also available for free download. You're welcome in advance.
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