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Angel Haze - Initiation

Jun 28, 2013

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Why do we like this?
The last time I posted an Angel Haze track, it didn't go down too well, so hopefully "Initiation" gets a better response. Haze tweeted a link to the song today, declaring she wanted to share the track, despite it not making the cut of her soon to be released debut album Dirty Gold.

Sampling The Weekend's "Initiation," Haze's remix is booming percussion and moody synths, with Haze in rather reserved form on the chorus before attacking the verses with her usual ferociousness and introspective lyrics. I dig this tune, and while not as in your face as "No Beuno," it retains Haze's main strength: being honest and open with her lyrical content.

If this is an example of what won't make the cut of Dirty Gold, I'm hanging to find out what does. 
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