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Asian She - 6 17

Jan 03, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Asian She is an alternative pop duo, consisting of Noah Lebenzon and Thomas Froggatt.  The two met in Lawrence, Kansas 14 years ago, and finally put out an EP recorded in Los Angeles this past September, titled Asian She EP.

While the EP was a long time in the making, it was definitely worth the wait.  Especially with tracks like "6 17."

Beginning with some dark baritones vocals mixed with equally sinister bass, "6 17" is a trip down a Los Angeles alley.  Gritty, with a touch of sparkle via some electric guitar, this song sounds like it belongs on The Crow soundtrack.  It oozes 90s alternative rock, but at the same time still sounds very current.  When I'm listening to it, I just can't help but think of "Burn," by The Cure, and The Cure is definitely good company to keep if you're making music.

These guys are definitely one to keep an eye on.  You can check out their full EP right here.
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