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Atoms For Peace - Judge Jury and Executioner

Jan 07, 2013

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Attention Atoms For Peace fans! The long, anticipated wait for AMOK is almost over! And today, thanks to Atoms For Peace's Facebook page, many fans and bloggers were greeted with a YouTube video introducing their latest release titled "Judge Jury and Executioner."

Now, many of you Radiohead fans might be scratching your head thinking, "Isn't this a song off of Hail To The Thief?" And although it actually is, the two sound completely different.

With this track, AFP shows us that they still know how to cook up some strange atmospherics that cross genres while creating a sound can alter our perceptions of reality in just under four minutes. Unlike his usual appetite for arpeggio treatment, Yorke's vocals are expertly crafted with fervid falsettos placed on solid progressions that are then sifted on top of deep bass productions; needless to say, it's complex, it's relevant and it's altogether genius.

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