What's so good?
By Justin Lam | Feb 09, 2013

Well, it's about time that New Zealand started pulling their weight in producing indie pop bands, and Banglade$h (formerly known as The Good Fun) is an excellent start. I haven't been this excited about a NZ band since The Naked and Famous, and although they present a much different vibe, Banglade$h is exactly what the doctor ordered for our good neighbors.

"Lean" is the latest single from the NZ quintet, and although it doesn't break any musical boundaries, it certainly is a lot of fun. It's your typical upbeat, jangly guitar driven pop piece -- something very similar to what we have come to expect from Australia's indie pop kings New Navy and Last Dinosaurs.

Not entirely sure what's in store for 2013, but I suppose an EP would be the next step for these guys. Fingers crossed!
Justin Lam
Author: Justin Lam
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