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Basement Batman - On a Streak

Mar 29, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Holy torpedoes! New York-based trio Basement Batman has been hard at work in their "˜Batcave' aka their basement studio in Bushwick, completing their debut album, Season 1, which the band plans is in the midst of releasing as four separate "episodes." In fact, Paper Garden Records just released Episode 2 over in SoundCloud land.

While I was tempted to post "Gunner in the Dust," I eventually decided that "On a Streak" is a wonderful little dirt pop track that has not been getting enough love throughout the blogalaxy. So do me a solid and support Basement Batman in all their musical endeavors. Start here with "On a Streak," then head to the Basement Batman's BandCamp for more groovy tunes from Season 1.
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