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Beach Vacation - Washington Weather

Apr 15, 2013

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Beach Vacation is a four piece band from Oak Harbor, Washington, with Tabor Rupp (rhythm guitar), Justyn Newman (lead vocals/guitar), John DeAvilla (drums), and Tyler Burnett (bass). Fans of Beach Fossils will like their surf pop sound.

They just dropped their first EP, Maritime, on SoundCloud. It opens with an instrumental song called "Waves," which contains ocean waves in the background with a few guitar riffs and drum beats. Three indie pop songs follow to complete the EP.

"Washington Weather" is the best song on Maritime EP. It's an indie pop/surf rock track with great guitar riffs, well paced drumming, and low key vocals. Beach Vacation are signed to Dufflecoat Records, so expect a physical release for Maritime EP sometime soon.
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