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Blackbird Blackbird - Refresh

Jun 25, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Today, Blackbird Blackbird released a new track titled "Refresh" and, yes, it does seem to refresh my conception of what the artist is capable of - in a good way!

At just over two minutes, the song is a burst of energy that extinguishes itself well before the listener could possibly find themselves getting bored. It calls on a lot of current trends, but the most apt comparison I see is Rustie and his manic, amped-up beat construction. This song is definitely a teaser -- it's too powerful and too short, but I'm sure it will function well in a longer mix.

Blackbird Blackbird, in my mind, has always meant textured and emotionally resonant music with a distinct narrative quality. The absence of vocals and the over the top energy here is a change of pace, but everyone needs a club-ready explosion in their repertoire. This is just that, so I'll meet you on the dance floor.

And, it's a free download, go get that!
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