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Blondes - Wine

Feb 11, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Brooklyn house/dance compadres Blondes has just released a new LP on RVNG. In anticipation, last fall Sam Haar and Zach Steinman (who comprise the duo) released a single entitled "Wine."

Particular nebulous in its ingenuity, "Wine" is one of the most captivating dance tracks I have heard in a while. Six minutes and fifty-seven second pass by in complete, raw, serotonin-saturated emotion put to music. The supple track builds upon itself in an effortless extravaganza of diffused, choppy moans and looping levels of undulating synths and drum machines. Trying not to get lost in Blondes' track is as about as futile as Jennifer Connelly trying to mitigate David Bowie's labyrinth by herself.

The self-titled LP - out now for purchase - contains some other note-worthy tracks, but I have to say "Wine" is the gold medal of the collection. To listen to the rest of Blondes click here. Especially cool are the contrasting track names: lover/hater, wine/water, etc. I dig.

If you are ready to trip balls just a little more, check out the official video below.

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