What's so good?
By Christiana Bartolini | Jan 24, 2012

Here we have Blouse, a guy/girl four-piece from Portland, Oregon presenting us with some electrified lackadaisical dreamwave. Their debut self-titled album was released back in November but I figured it wasn't too late to cover them here on Indie Shuffle.

Blouse consists of two girls, one on keys and one on bass, and two guys, one on guitar and one on drums. As minimal as the set up may sound, they make do with what they've got, to say the least. Their sound can be summarized as chilled out, galactic, smooth electro pop. The female vocals encapsulate an almost vixen-like persona to compliment their slightly edgey sound.

At times, this album can be a flashback to when new wave and synths were quickly on the rise and in high demand. Then there are times when it's obvious that Blouse is creating a a mix between old and new, combining old effects with new techniques.

So Shufflers, if you like what you hear, there's no need to wait. Blouse's self-titled LP is already on the market and ready to be enjoyed. Go on and divulge!
Christiana Bartolini
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