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Boat Club - All The Time

Jul 21, 2013

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Why do we like this?
I've been hiding out in the middle of nowhere, sort of the way we'd build tents in our bedrooms as kids and pretend we were somewhere different altogether. This is supposed to be summer, but its been overthrown by a heat wave and what feels like a global anxiety wave.

At least there's music! Music always arises to the occasion, determined to pursue happiness in a troubled world. This track oozes Balearic ease, that lightness of tropical being necessary for my occasional sanity. It's a warm, fuzzy memory intertwined with the lines, "I think of you all the time/You're drenched in sunshine and sparkling wine/It's so far away." 

"All The Time" comes off Boat Club's re-issued and re-mastered limited edition Caught The Breeze EP, originally released in 2007. To hear the rest of the tracks, head over to Cascine's SoundCloud
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