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Body Parts - Doing Things

Apr 25, 2012

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Why do we like this?

I'm really excited to share Body Parts with you on Indie Shuffle. This band is so fun, energetic, and super talented -- they deserve all the recognition they get!

Way back in the summer of 2010, Body Parts went underground (to a basement) to record their album, On Purpose. What they birthed was a seven-track album jam packed with obscure guitar riffs and slightly off-kilter vocals and harmonies.

On Purpose has a lot of purpose; how else could they combine all of these different effects and still make it sound good? There's a method to this madness. The guitar is spotty and sporadic, the bass either follows suit or keeps the balance, the vocals almost sound as if there's a bit of improvisation involved, the harmonies are infectious, and the drums tie it all together, providing a nice structure to what would otherwise be a hodge podge of instruments. This band has ADHD in the best way possible.

Lucky for you, if you're enjoying what you're hearing, you can get Body Parts' album because it's been out since July '11! Go on and get weird.

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