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Bonobo - Cirrus

Jan 24, 2013

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Sounds like: Emancipator, Tor, Bibio
Why do we like this?
It's raining in San Francisco. Normally I'd say that's not cool, but with a little Bonobo in the background, a gray day couldn't be more welcome. Especially when it's a brand new song!

"Cirrus" is the first track to be released off the UK-based producer's upcoming album, The North Borders (available to pre-order now at bonobomusic.com via Ninjna Tune.  The song is available for free download too, at that same link).

The song finds Bonobo pursuing the same sound that saw so much success on his prior four albums (the last one was Black Sands, released in 2010). And as noted above, that sound is absolutely perfect for the rain.
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