What's so good?
By Rachel Skotarczyk | Aug 28, 2012

Booka Shade, the widely successful German Duo, has just released a new EP on Dim Mak entitled Honeyslave, and it's as sweet as it sounds. Which is why this choice of label surprised me.

I've, rather appropriately, associated Dim Mak with music like this (a.k.a desensitized dubstep). Contrary to annoying bass drops-on-blast and fuzzed-out synths that sound more like garden work than music, Booka Shade offers a melodic escape into tasteful, progressive house.

The tight, roomy percussion fills the head while string stabs hit the heart. "Tomorrow Belongs To Us" never winds-up to decibels damaging to human ears, but is instead decidedly soothing. I recommend checking out the full EP as even the club mixes retain this most pleasant mood.

Download the full EP via Beatport and enjoy.
Rachel Skotarczyk
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