What's so good?
By Marietta Longley | Sep 27, 2013

Featuring  honeyed vocals and layered lyrics, "It's All Right" by talented Native American singer-songwriter, painter, and poet Brianna Lea Pruett is both delicate and raw, with an organic quality like nothing I've heard before. The third single to be taken from her forthcoming album Gypsy Bells, set for release on Canyon Records on October 1, Pruett's breathtaking brand of folk has a lush, rustic beauty to it that prompts apparitions of rural roads and Appalachian slopes.

Considering her diverse cultural influences, this isn't surprising. Born in the mountains of Northern California, she began performing in living rooms and cafes as a teen, before evolving into a multimedia artist with an ability to marry folk, country, and her Cherokee and Choctaw heritage styles with writing that's inspired by a love for jazz, blues, and soul.

"We can write our own life story, we get to choose ourselves, our integrity, our responses, our passions, our vices. It's definitely a freedom song," says Pruett. "Dream this life with me. What's the best thing we can dream together? Who are you in the dream? That's what this song is about. Dream something you like."