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bugseed - Out of Love

Apr 27, 2013

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Why do we like this?
The other day I logged into SoundCloud with a specific purpose. I wanted to see if Tokyo-based producer Bugseed had released any new music. He hadn't, but wouldn't you know, I check back a day later and this lovely little track called "Out of Love" is sitting there.

Bugseed drew me in right away with those piano chords. Then the drums start to knock, and it's just smooth sailing from there. The hella deep vibes on "Out of Love" are perfect for a weekend morning. Overall, it's a gorgeous hip-hop instrumental from one of my favorite producers that I hope you find some time to enjoy.

So much good music coming out of Japan right now. Interested in hearing some of it?  A good place to start would be Bugseed's Bandcamp.
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