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What's so good?
By Sean O | Jan 29, 2013 | Total plays: 3,188

Thank the stars above for reggae. I haven't studied much of its history, but I'm damn glad I get to enjoy music like "Take Control." It comes to you from six Englishmen who call themselves By The Rivers. Formed in Leicester in 2010, By The Rivers cites Bob Marley, The Gladiators, and Culture as inspirations.

Here's what By The Rivers had to say about "Take Control":

""˜Take Control'" was written around the time of the 2010 Government elections in the UK and is an emotive song expressing the frustrations of voices not being heard when Government change was so desperately needed. The political sentiments are artfully juxtaposed by big brass sounds, a flowing reggae beat and soft melodic vocals, creating a ridiculously addictive and deeply insightful tune.

You can check out a remix of "Take Control" by Radio Riddler here.
Sean O
Author: Sean O
twitter: @pudding_club | soundcloud: @puddingclub