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Casino Times - That's The Truth

Feb 07, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Although this track is from about 8 months ago, I have been listening to it over and over for about a week now. Just coming into my stratosphere, Casino Times has really created a masterful track, cleptoing soulful vocals from De Le Soul and Chaka Khan's "All Good" for their astoundingly spectacular refix.

Self-described as a "sexy time music project," Joe Spencer and Nick Church - aka Casino Times - took some slowly vacillating synths coupled with rotund, bubbly bass beats and slapped some timeless vocals on top. The result? A smooth, delicious eau de disco house track with an epic vocals spiral. Personally, I have a whole lot of head bopping going on at the moment.

If you, like this music blogger, are now craving more more more Casino Times, go check out their SoundCloud page here.
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