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What's so good?
By Aaron Blum | Feb 15, 2013 | Total plays: 8,332

While taking a trip to North Lake Tahoe this last weekend, there was a song that kept playing over and over on Sirius XMU station. Low and behold, it was a fresh new (sort of) track by Cayucas called "High School Lover."  I say "sort of" because the track was previously performed by their formerly known band named Oregon Bike Trails. More importantly, and not to take away from what they have got going for them now, the song is gold.  It soon became our anthem for the weekend -- we listened to it maybe a dozen times over two days.

Cayucas are a California-based group that has a cool beach pop sound; think modern day Beach Boys meets Beck.  The track "High School Lover" has a effervescent and contagious feel to it, which is probably why I didn't mind listening to it over and over. While spending my college years in San Luis Obispo, a town neighboring Cayucos, it's clear that the band and their sound has a happy marriage of the slow surf-like life that surrounds the coastal area.

"High School Lover" comes from their debut album Bigfoot, which will be released April 1, 2013 via Secretly Canadian.
Aaron Blum
Author: Aaron Blum
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