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Cepia - Hoarse

Kyle Suss
Kyle Suss
Nov 06, 2010

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Sounds like: Lusine, Shigeto, Gold Panda
Why do we like this?
In preparation for Cepia's upcoming December 7 release, Cepia, I thought I would take the time to discuss an older album to showcase the talent that comes from this Minneapolis-based musician.

Natura Morta is the 2007 full-length debut from Huntley Miller. This release comes from Ghostly International, a label that has done such a great job of finding unique individuals to work with over the years. Every time I head over to their site I find something new that keeps my mind and soul occupied for weeks. This is no exception.

Tracks like "The Undeniable Bend" and "Hoarse" treat the listener to a smooth, melodic escape into the mind. This type of music always puts my thought processes in motion; as I concentrate on the patterns that evolve, I can't help but groove in place. This style has been so prevalent in my music taste lately; I look forward to another quality release come December.
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