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Chairlift - Sidewalk Safari

Oct 19, 2011

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Why do we like this?
Most, if not all, of you will be familiar with the song "Bruises," specifically because the song was featured in an iPod commercial. The secondary fact, of course, is that it was hella catchy. And so my expectations are high for Chairlift's new album, Something, to be released in January of next year.

To date, two tracks have been heard from this album. The first came a few weeks back, when we got a sneak peek with a video for one of their songs, "Amanaemonesia." While that one was a bit of a tongue twister (and a weird video, to boot), "Sidewalk Safari" is much simpler to wrap one's mind around. The song is catchy, featuring some really slick synth work, infectious clapping, and a number of awesome progressions. I'm quite curious to see how it plays out as part of the album -- particularly when one considers the abrupt manner in which the song fades out (does that mean the album will segue smoothly into another track?).
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