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Chance the Rapper - Acid Rain

Feb 23, 2013

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Why do we like this?

Oh, wow, did this track by Chance the Rapper knock me upside the head. We are definitely not the first music blog to share this song, but sometimes it's not about being first to the party. It's just about making sure you get there.

So, here we are, vibing out to the latest single from Chicago-based Chance the Rapper. "Acid Rain" is but a preview of what's to come on the MC's anticipated Acid Rap mixtape, which is possibly coming out in April. Don't quote me on that.

Jake One provides the beat, which Pigeons and Planes describes as "reminiscent of old Outkast and mid-2000s-Outkast-influenced Cunninlynguists." I like that. Chance the Rapper caught my attention with his insightful verses. His flow is impressive, almost jazz-like in its lack of structure at times.

Here's what Chance had to say about "Acid Rain" on Twitter:

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