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Chela - Full Moon

Dec 14, 2012

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Those who pay attention to Indie Shuffle will already be familiar with Melbourne's latest pop sensation Chela. We've already covered tracks she's featured on "“ Goldroom's "Fifteen" and Clubfeet's "Heartbreak". She's a talent on her own though, with debut track "Plastic Gun" receiving significant airplay locally and paving the way for the recently released "Full Moon."

Her new single is a playful electro pop tune with similarities to work from other prominent local artists Ladyhawke and Catcall. Her slant toward disco-infused, tropical guitar and synth sets her apart from these artists though, giving her music a distinct, enjoyable personality.

Chela is setting up for a big run in 2013. With new releases imminent and a local following developing quickly, there's nothing to stop this fun, talented songstress.

If you're in the mood, check out some of her videos on her website.

(Stream via Soundowl).

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