What's so good?
By Lori Kay | Jan 17, 2014

"Ooh Baby, I can't make good decisions every day." Seattle's girl-group Childbirth is ripe with feelings, and lack thereof. There's not much known about these girls, but "I Only Fucked You As A Joke" is off their debut record titled It's A Girl. The other songs on the album touch on topics of lesbian sex, menopause, and sisterwives -- how edgy. Despite dropping a month ago, it had yet to be heard until recently and they're quickly climbing the buzzband lists.

"I Only Fucked You As A Joke" is a powerful and punchy song that is about a clear a message as the title bears. This female trio is bringing back that early simplicity of garage punk rock that we seem to have strayed a bit from, we're looking forward to it! Keep in touch with them through their Facebook7 here for whatever thoughts pop into their minds and out of their mouths next!
Lori Kay