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CHVRCHES - The Mother We Share

Sep 19, 2012

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Why do we like this?

It took me literally ten seconds to become completely hooked on this song. Chvrches have come out of nowhere and blown up the blogosphere with their latest release "The Mother We Share." From what little information I have pieced together, Chvrches is an electronic pop trio from Glasgow with "The Mother We Share" being only their second single to date; their other single "Lies" was released a couple of months ago.

The lead female vocalist Lauren Mayberry possesses an extraordinarily rare voice, something very similar to that of Purity Ring's Megan James. Her voice soars across a barrage of sparkly synths and glitchy hard hitting percussion but still manages to maintain a certain amount of delicacy and grace. I'm going to put this out there - Chvrches are best thing to come out of Scotland since Sean Connery.

Definitely a band to follow in the near future, so get onto it!

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