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Cineplexx - Cosas de la Vida Normal

Nov 27, 2012

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Why do we like this?
I'm so excited for Barcelona-based Cineplexx's new album, Perfume. It is a soft and pillowy portrayal of what is lovely and carefree in the indie pop world.

Perfume takes off with my favorite single, "Cosas de la Vida Normal," and from there Cineplexx takes you on a journey of dream-filled ecstasy. It's as if you've landed on a planet of cotton candy skies and funnel cake trees and all you need to do is lay on a black sand beach with the warm sun and cool breeze. Perfume very much takes on the island life. It's breezy, laid back and classy. Many a moraca is played while delicate guitars strum their way to blissful oblivion, and the vocals serenade you into a peaceful twilight.

Are you convinced yet? I urge you to give Cineplexx's Perfume a listen to warm up during this chilly season.
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