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Cody ChesnuTT - Under The Spell Of The Handout

Mar 04, 2012

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Why do we like this?

Cody ChesnuTT is an old soul living in a world where musically, many might wonder where he fits. His music sounds and feels like decades ago, he works at his own pace, and has vocally disavowed many hollow aspects of the music industry that some would say are now currently front and center. A magnetic, symbolic figure, any peep out of Cody is sure to attract attention. Hopefully hinting at a new project soon, the limelight-shy Cody ChestnuTT just quietly released "Under The Spell Of The Handout."

A bit groovier than the sporadic output of recent, this new composition keeps the revival-like element that has been a bit of a staple in Cody's sound. He has not abandoned his message either. Accompanying the infectious horns is a very direct message that any Cody fan should come to expect by now. Examination of the self and how it is functioning in modern society is a theme that arises often in Cody's music, this song being no exception.

Here's to hoping Cody has a full length in store for us soon, his voice is needed to say the least.

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