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Colour Bomb - On the Run

Dec 11, 2012

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Melbourne duo James Saunders and Tom Whitty have been writing together for over 10 years, and their collaboration, Colour Bomb, is finally starting to gather momentum. The first thing you'll probably notice when listening to their track "On the Run" is its similarity to a lot of Gotye's earlier work (James Saunders actually plays in Gotye's band!). There aren't many acts around who come anywhere near the beauty or Wally De Backer's sound, so that should be taken as a huge compliment.

"On the Run" is an undulating pop song which showcases Colour Bomb's attractive, experimental style. Saunders' haunting vocals stand out through the track, linking in seamlessly with the duo's rich musical arrangement. Think plenty of lingering harmonies, deep piano progressions and powerful guitar hooks.

This is the first track off Colour Bomb's upcoming debut album, set for release in early 2013.
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